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RPM Consulting, Inc.
Quality & Management Systems, Training & Consulting

RPM Consulting, Inc. is a Quality Management System (QMS) training and consulting organization that provides specialized consulting in ISO9001:2015, TS16949:2009 and ISO13485, and other certifications. IGMA has entered into an agreement with RPM Consulting to provide services to the specialized fenestration industry. Their mission is to assist IGMA/IGMAC/IGCC members increase their bottom line through improvements in quality and productivity. With a long track record of success, they accomplish this objective through a combination of consulting, facilitation and training services that provide optimal benefit to IGMA members.

RPM Consulting is ready to provide the following support to our membership companies:

  • Develop customized QMS Tier documents around IGMA TM-4010 ISO9001:2008 or :2015 platform that can be applied by IGMA suppliers.
  • Mentor and coach IGMA suppliers and leadership group around the ISO9001:2008 / :2015 requirements.
  • Design, develop and deliver training programs integrating quality requirements and specific documentation with comprehensive training packages specific to companies' needs.
  • Develop and support highly effective internal audit strategies that will yield the QMS results that benefit the bottom line.
  • Support IGMA suppliers in developing and implementing a comprehensive QMS to meet the ISO9001:2008 requirements.

With over two decades of experience in successful implementation, RPM Consulting is the right choice for IGMA members. Contact IGMA offices or Ron Michalzuk today to discuss the many ways RPM Consulting can make a successful impact to your company's bottom line.

DIRECT: (313) 506-9921



RPM Consulting Testimonials

Ron was asked to help with several P and DFMEAs related to a new product development project. He managed the coordination and drove the FMEA documentation work of several team members both internal and external to our company. The FMEAs were completed in a timely manner and provided valuable information to help with the successful launch of the product. Later once production was being established, Ron was invited back to assist with Tier I and Tier II documentation for a QMS that was developed for the manufacturing of the product. Ronís valuable input in the process led to further engagement and exclusive contract with a renown not-for-profit organization that represents manufacturers of the products that Ron was involved with for us.

David Cooper
Advanced IG Program Leader
Guardian Industries Corp.
IGMA Member

Eastern Michigan University is proud to support and recognize Ron Michalzuk as a leader in his field of instruction and consulting services. We have worked with Ron for over 12 years and have found his methodologies consistently updated and his techniques top-notch. Through our student surveys, we have found Ron to be one of our strongest instructors with marks consistently above a 96% satisfaction level. Often clients will request Ron specifically for instructional opportunities based on their previous experiences with him. Ron is especially skilled at customizing programs to suit our clientsí needs, and tailoring his teaching style to involve the entire class. EMU can recommend Mr. Michalzuk without hesitation for any training and consulting needs in the fields of quality and continuous improvement methods.

Barbara L. Hopkins
Director, Centers for Corporate Training
Eastern Michigan University

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