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IGMA Application for Membership
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Membership Category
Manufacturer     Supplier     Primary Glass Manufacturer     Auditing and Testing     Associate

Commercial and/or Residential IG Manufacturer:  Entities actively engaged in the manufacture and sales of sealed insulating glass units for a period of at least six months. Production means the total square footage of production IG units for all plant locations or the total of IG used.
Supplier:  Entities who are not manufacturers of IG units but are engaged in an industry allied to the sealed insulating glass industry, including but not limited to the suppliers of principal components, equipment, services and materials used in the manufacture of IG units.
Primary Glass Manufacturer:  Entities that manufacture and supply primary glass to outside companies in the sealed insulating glass industry.
Auditing and Testing:  Entities that actively engage in the auditing and testing of insulating glass units.
Associate:  Entities that do not qualify under the Manufacturer or Supplier category but provide or supply services to the end users of sealed insulating glass units (ie. architects) or who share interests in common with the industry (ie. shipping companies, software developers).
Additional Location:  This fee replaces the additional mailing fee and administrative certification surcharge levied on plant locations.

Manufacturing Members
(annual production all plants, square footage)
Supplier Members
(annual sales to the industry)
0 to 750,000  USD $1,400 $0 - $1,499,999  USD $2,500
750,000 to 1,500,000  USD $2,200 $1,500,000 - $2,499,999  USD $3,400
1,500,000 to 3,000,000  USD $2,900 $2,500,000 - $9,999,999  USD $4,100
+ 3,000,000  USD $5,100 $10,000,000 - $24,999,999  USD $4,700
Primary Glass Manufacturer  USD $9,500 Over $25,000,000  USD $5,300
 Additional location fee @ $250   Corporate  USD $7,900
    Associate Member  USD $600

     Research and Development fund
     (applicable to Manufacturing and
     Supplier Members)

 USD $200 Auditing & Testing Labs  USD $2,200

NOTE: All membership fees are payable in USD. Membership fees will be invoiced in January of each year.

The company manufactures and sells the following products related to the insulating glass industry:

The company's primary business activity is:

Other business activities the company engages in are:

As stated in the IGMA bylaws, "All manufacturer members must certify a minimum of one product line (non-research) and all manufacturers’ facilities to the applicable quality performance standards for insulating glass units." The company is currently a participant in the following insulating glass certification program:

The company's present business has been established for years.

Please send mailings to the following individuals (please include their email addresses):

By submitting this form below, Company verifies, represents and warrants that (i) it will abide by IGMA’s bylaws, policies and rules; and (ii) the information provided on this Application is true, correct and complete. Company further understands that any false statements made in this Application may jeopardize  Company’s membership in IGMA and/or participation in the IGMA or IGMAC certification programs.

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