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Preventing IG Failures
This manual provides insulating glass manufacturers with best practice recommendations and guidelines to use for testing, fabrication, packaging, shipment and glazing of insulating glass units to assist in achieving long term performance and to minimize seal failure using existing technology for edge seal design along with selection of sealants, desiccants, spacers, gases, glass and other components used for the manufacture of insulating glass.
TM-4100-03 (Member) $75 USD
TM-4100-03 (Non member) $150 USD

Insulating Glass Manufacturing Quality Procedures
This manual provides a framework for an insulating glass manufacturer to use as the basis for a specific program geared to the unique requirements of each facility. The manual provides an outline and examples for in-plant quality control and is directed toward those areas in the manufacturing area to be measured and controlled.
TM-4000-02(07) (Member) $125 USD
TM-4000-02(07) (Non member) $250 USD

Design Considerations for Multiple-Cavity Insulating Glass Units
These guidelines are intended to identify design considerations to be taken into account when designing multiple-cavity insulating glass units and are applicable for the evaluation of the manufacturing processes of sealed insulating glass units. The document addresses the quality requirements of the sealed space of a
multiple- cavity insulating glass unit.
TM-1300-13 (Member) $75
TM-1300-13 (Non member) $150

Guidelines to Reduce Instances of Thermal Stress
This publication provides guidelines relating to thermal stress considerations for window glass products used in residential and commercial building envelope projects. Its purpose is to give the user specific guidelines and design assistance toward avoiding glass problems that arise from breakage caused by thermal stress conditions.
TM-1500-14 (Member) $75
TM-1500-14 (Non member) $150

Guidelines for the Testing of Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) and the Presentation of the Results
This bulletin provides standardized test method, sample configuration and units for reporting purposes.
TB-2701-95 (Member) $15 USD
TB-2701-95 (Non member) $30 USD

IGMA/GANA Guidelines for Use of Capillary/Breather Tubes
These guidelines discusses various attributes of capillary and breather tubes including advantages and disadvantages, workmanship and manufacturing considerations, storage and handling and glazing.
TB-1601-95(14) (Member) $15 USD
TB-1601-95(14) (Non member) $30 USD

Guidelines for Sloped Glazing
Current sloped glazing design practices require careful consideration of insulating glass unit construction to ensure long-term performance. These guidelines address types of loading, code requirements, glass design, insulating glass sealant design and glazing system design.
TB-3001-01 (Member) $15 USD
TB-3001-01 (Non member) $30 USD

Insulating Glass Manufacturing Guidelines: Important Considerations
These guidelines provide a checklist to be considered for selection and compatibility of glass, desiccant, framework, sealant(s), gas filling, quality control, packaging & shipping of finished products, capillary / breather tubes and glazing.
TB-1400-91 (Member) $15 USD
TB-1400-91 (Non member) $30 USD

Vacuum Insulating Glass
This technical bulletin is intended to assist insulating glass manufacturers and window manufacturers in the evaluation of vacuum insulating glazing technologies.
TB-2600-15 (Member) $15
TB-2600-15 (Non member) $30

Technical Manual for Acoustical Glass Design
This manual provides design considerations for the elimination of interfering or distracting sound for various noise criteria classifications.
TM-6000-01 (member) $50 USD
TM-6000-01 (non-member) $100 USD

Preventing Glass Breakage During IG Design, Manufacture, Transport, Installation and Use
This report addresses causes of glass breakage by reducing damage to edges, corners, and surfaces. This document covers IG design for applied loads, fabrications, storage & transport, installation and usage.
TR-3401-96 (member) $15 USD
TR-3401-96 (non-member) $30 USD

GD_2010 (for PC only)
The IGMAC Glass Design Software Program assists manufacturers, architects and engineers to calculate structural design of glass based on CGSB 12.20 and in compliance with the 2005 National Building Code of Canada. This program includes 1 hour of technical support.
GD-2010 (member) Complimentary Download from Members Only Site
GD-2010 (non-member) $600 USD
NOTE: the Glass Design Software Program is not included in the technical binder.

Recommended Voluntary In-Plant Test Methods and Performance Criteria of Desiccants for Sealed Insulating Glass Units
This manual includes voluntary test methods and criteria performance for the particle size determination method, residual moisture content by heat of adsorption method, and loss of ignition or total volatile content
TM-2100-78(81) (Member) $18 USD
TM-2100-78(81) (Non member) $36 USD

Test Methods of Insulating Glass Sealants
This manual covers types of sealants, application test methods for sealant type, tables of test conditions to standardize temperature, mixing and volume conditions and specific tests.
TM-2400-76(90) (Member) $60 USD
TM-2400-76(90) (Non member) $120 USD

Voluntary Test Methods & Voluntary Performance Quality Assurance Criteria for Two Component Polysulfide Sealants Used in Manufacturing Sealed Insulating Glass Units
This manual includes information of test specimens, recommended voluntary test and performance quality assurance criteria with typical values based on laboratory test results, and various test methods.
TM-2301-85 (Member) $25 USD
TM-2301-85 (Non member) $50 USD

Sealant Manufacturers Minimum Sealant Dimensions and Placement Survey
This technical bulletin includes a chart of dual seal, hot melt extruded, single seal and Intercept™ spacers for silicone, hot melt, polysulfide, polyurethane and curing hot melt. This document includes depth of primary & secondary sealant, beneath spacer, total siteline, shoulder, thickness and thickness before press.
TB-1201-89(05) (Member) $15 USD
TB-1201-89(05) (Non member) $30 USD

Voluntary Test Methods & Voluntary Performance Quality Assurance Criteria for Spacers for Sealed Insulating Glass Units
This manual includes information of test specimens, recommended voluntary test and performance quality assurance criteria for hollow shaped spacers to accept edge sealant to minimize air leakage between the spacer and the glass.
TM-2000-76(82) (Member) $20 USD
TM-2000-76(82) (Non member) $40 USD

North American Glazing Guidelines for Sealed Insulating Glass Units for Commercial & Residential Use
These advisory guidelines address the importance of good glazing practices and are intended for use by those who design, specify, manufacturer and install insulating glass units. These guidelines address glass types, framing, glazing clearances, setting blocks, spacer shims, glazing materials, glazing systems, receiving, storage & handling, glass protection & cleaning for both commercial and residential applications.
TM-3000-90(04) (Member) $75 USD
TM-3000-90(04) (Non member) $150USD

Window Glazing for Durability (Residential)
This video is available to view free at

Voluntary Test Methods for Chemical Effects of Glazing Compounds on Elastomeric Edge Seals
This test method covers the procedure for an oven-type test of sample 6” X 6” insulating glass units exposed to glazing compounds or other materials which could contact units on the unbranded elastomeric edge seal.
TR-1000-75(91) (Member) $10 USD
TR-1000-75(91) (Non member) $20 USD

Guidelines for IG Manufacturers' Studies for Sealant Compatibility
These guidelines address the determination of the compatibility of glazing sealants and glazing materials with the IG unit edge seal for a particular building project specification and test methods used.
TB-2403-91 (Member) $10 USD
TB-2403-91 (Non member) $20 USD

Voluntary Guidelines for the Identification of Visual Obstructions in the Airspace of Insulating Glass Units
These advisory guidelines may assist in the determination of unintended visual obstructions in the insulating glass unit airspace.
TM-3100-09 (Member) $75 USD
TM-3100-09 (Non member) $150 USD

IGCC-IGMA Certification Program Manual
The IGMA Certification Program is a third party certification program and provides for testing to the ASTM E2190 standard test specification for Canada and the U.S. The program also provides for initial and after weathering gas concentration certification.
Program manual

IGMAC Certification Program Manual
Please call the IGMA office to obtain a complimentary copy.

ASTM E2190 Information Sheet
This fact sheet addresses differences between the ASTM E 773/E774, CGSB 12.8 and ASTM E 2190 Standard Test Specifications.
Information Sheet - Download Free

IG Units Certified to ASTM E773, E774 Component Change Document
This technical bulletin addresses recommended allowable changes or components from test units to production units for glass, spacers, desiccants, sealants and unit construction.
TB-2802-95 (member) $15 USD
TB-2802-95 (non-member) $30 USD

25 Year Field Correlation Study Report (1980 2005)
Jointly sponsored by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Sealed Insulating Glass Manufacturer Association (now IGMA), the study field evaluated ASTM E774 Standard certified insulating glass units. This study includes two phases. The initial study started in 1980 and Phases 2, started in 1990 incorporating newer technologies.
TR-4000-08 (member) $250
TR-4000-08 (non-member) $500

Insulating Glass U-Value Document
This study examines one method of rating the u-values of insulating glass units by themselves. This report includes computer simulation results to determine the effect of spacer type, low-e coatings, argon gas filling and other variables on the U-values of sealed units. This document provides a comparative rating for different variables and is intended for use when the final window configuration is unknown.
TR-1401-96 (Member) $15 USD
TR-1401-96 (Non member) $30 USD

Language of Sealed Insulating Glass Units
This report includes all the current terminology used in the insulating glass industry today.
TR-1400-13 (member) $10 USD
TR-1400-13 (non-member) $20 USD

Definition of a Failed Unit
TB-1205-89 - Download Free

Definition of a Gas Filled Unit
TB-1202-91 - Download Free

Open Capillary Tube Survey, Final Survey
The surveys objective was to determine the extent and nature of open capillary tube usage in the manufacturer of insulating glass. Final results included size of tubes used in diameter and length, reasons for use, desiccant type used and number of sides filled, installation practices, position and direction, and rate and cause of failure with use.
TB-1600-90 (member $10 USD)
TB-1600-90 (non-member)

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The information and recommendations contained in all IGMA publications were developed by representative members of IGMA as advisory information. However, it should not be assumed that all acceptable procedures are contained in these publications or that additional measures may not be required under certain circumstances of conditions. Note that the various codes and regulations referenced in this document may be amended from time to time and it should be assumed that the versions referenced herein are the most current versions of such codes and regulations. Please consult the appropriate regulatory authorities for the most up-to-date versions. Compliance with all local governing building codes is also required.

The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) makes no warranty or representation and assumes no liability or responsibility in connection with any information contained in these guidelines. IGMA assumes no liability or responsibility in connection with any modifications to or adaptations of these guidelines by any user, purchaser or other party, or in connection with the use or misuse of any information contained in IGMA publications.

IGMA does not approve or endorse any products, services or methods mentioned herein. These guidelines should not be referenced in any way, which would imply such approval or endorsement.


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IGMA Announces IG Fabricators Workshop in Canada
Last year, IGMA held two Fabricator Workshops in Texas and Minnesota, where more than 80 practitioners of the IG industry were led through the most important aspects of fabricating and testing IG units by the experts of our industry. The workshop features a balanced mix of classroom education along with hands-on demonstrations to discover best practices for cleaning, cutting and handling glass, desiccants, sealants, gas fill, frost point and much more. The reviews of the Workshops were incredibly positive.
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Fabricators Getting Hands-On Education at IG Workshop
The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) is holding its second IG Fabricator's Workshop this week at the Intertek facility in St. Paul, Minn. It started Tuesday and runs through Thursday. Tuesday afternoon, participants heard a series of presentations covering basic insulating glass (IG) knowledge, adhesion and desiccants, as well as optimum air spaces, gas filling, cutting, washing and more.
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IGMA Summer Conference Focuses on Issues Important to Insulating Glass Manufacturers
At the IGMA 2016 Summer Conference, several task groups gave updates on matters like the Quality Management System task group, the Sealant Adhesion to Spacer task group and others. Below is a summary of activities at that event.
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