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Bill's Technical Corner
A Little More from Bill Lingnell


Bill Lingnell has been involved in engineering, technical management, and construction of major building projects throughout the United States, Canada and other countries. He has consulted as a technical authority and specialist for general contractors, manufacturers, fabricators, owners, developers, architects, and individuals relating to the many facets of glass and wall systems used on architectural construction projects. As a consultant, Lingnell has also served engineers, testing agencies, industry trade associations, insurance companies, building managers, window producers, curtain wall consultants, and the legal profession on matters concerning glass and wall system technology. He also serves as the technical consultant to the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance. Lingnell has over 46 years of experience in the technical field of glass and architectural products and is considered one of the world’s foremost experts in the field.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Lingnell held senior management level positions as Vice-President of Engineering and Technical Services of a wall systems company, Corporate Vice-President of a building envelope contractor, and Director of New Products, and Technical Services for a major glass manufacturer. In each company, he had responsibilities for strategic business opportunities. Other responsibilities included development, research, engineering and manufacturing direction for a variety of architectural glass and wall products as well as quality assurance and quality improvement programs.

Lingnell has completed all course work requirements for a doctorate in engineering mechanics and has held the position of Adjunct Professor in the Engineering College at the University of Toledo, Toledo Ohio. He holds three Master of Science degrees in engineering (civil, mechanical and engineering science) from the University of Toledo and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.

Lingnell is a registered Professional Engineer in five states.  As a member of various professional groups, code bodies, trade organizations and industry associations, he has contributed in the writing of standards and guidelines for test procedures pertaining to the use and testing of glass, wall systems, sealants and wall components through ASTM committees E-6, F-12 and C-24.


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